Samantha Sold Veggies On The Roadside


Samantha turned into a Vegetable Vendor to raise funds for Prathyusha Charitable Trust through which she has been involved in various philanthropic activities. She now decided to raise money for the treatment of underprivileged kids facing heart ailments.

Upon reaching Jam Bazaar in Chennai, Samantha stepped out of her vehicle and approached a vegetable vendor in the surroundings. She explained her intention to the Vendor and requested if she can do his job for a good cause. The Vendor has happily agreed to offer his position to the Film Celebrity.

Public gathered at Jam Bazaar in huge numbers soon after knowing about the unexpected visit of Samantha. They bought Vegetables sold by the Top Actress for fancy prices. Within short period, The entire stall became empty as people rushed to buy veggies sold by Samantha without even bothering about the price. Use Fame In The Right Way..!