Samantha’s Bikini Scene Chopped Forever?


Samantha-Bikini-PhotosHeroine Samantha’s most shocking act ever was the two-piece bikini feat she resorted in Surya’s ‘Sikander’ (Anjaan in Tamil). It’s jaw dropping to see her in such tiny beach outfits, though she isn’t a great bikini-body kind of model, willing to go two-piece is a big thing for an actress who is more popular for her homely looks.

In fact, the original bikini shots of Samantha comprise to nearly 26 seconds in the song and the version that released in Overseas has the whole of it. But the song seen by Telugu film lovers saw Samantha sparkling in that blue bikini only for 5 seconds. Whether Censor Board chopped it or our heroine felt too shy to woo audiences in a tiny two-piece and requested the makers to edit it out is something known to themselves.

Moreover, that 5 seconds long-shot of Samantha was completely edited out on the full version video song of the film uploaded on YouTube. Looks like, Sam’s bikini is deleted forever. But don’t panic, some enthusiasts have carefully saved the 26 seconds of her bikini acts into the internet through their naughty work.