Samantha’s Satirical Take On Nag Detergent Ad


It is known that Akkineni Nagarjuna is endorsing Ghadi Detergent. In the TV Commercial, The Actor visits the Lab where the detergent has been tested and certifies Ghadi as the best solution for all kinds of clothes. He even comes up with the slogan ‘Vaadi Chudandi…Tarvathe Nammandi’.

Guess, What Akkineni Bahu has done now? In the commercial of the XXX Soap which she has been endorsing, Samantha declared a reputed brand which is being appreciated by people for 30 years doesn’t need any tests in laboratory. ‘When you (people) tested it in lakhs of homes…Where is need for lab tests? & Why should anyone ask you to use it? XXX…it’s not just approved, but a proved product,’ she says.

XXX Soap Commercial featuring Samantha is a satirical take on Nagarjuna’s Ghadi Detergent Ad. Actually, Samantha could have raised an objection during the filming itself but she didn’t inspite of being aware of what it is aiming at.

In the past Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan endorsed Thums Up and Pepsi respectively. Mega Brothers never opted for such satirical ads inspite of heavy competition between the brands. For some reason, Samantha offered scope for criticism with the XXX Ad.

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