Samantha’s thrilling experience on Flight


Samantha-Latest-StillsGood Cinema is timeless. No matter how many years might pass by, They stay in the hearts of the people irrespective of their age.

The other day, Samantha had a thrilling experience on the flight. A kid walked up to her and asked her if she is Bittu’s Mother. This made the day for the Golden Leg!

An elated Sam shares: “Cute kid on the flight comes up to me and asks me if I am Bittu s mom.  Couldn’t stop smiling.  Cinema, what a job.  Love my life #Manam”.

Samantha doesn’t have a single Telugu project in hand at the moment. All her upcoming films were with Tamil Stars including Vijay, Suriya, Vikram and Dhanush. Call Sheets of Sam were blocked completely for the year 2015 with Tamil projects. Telugu Filmmakers have to wait till early 2016 to rope this beauty for their high-budget projects.