Sameera Reddy ready for re-entry


Sameera-Reddy-ready-for-RE-ENTRYHeroine Sameera Reddy was so popular few years back that she has done films in all the languages of South and did few Bollywood films also.  Even thoough she couldn’t become a star heroine.. she has acted with likes of Chiranjeevi and Jr. NTR.  She got married in 2014 and became a mother.   She left the films after her marriage.  Coming to the present,  she is planning to re-enter films.

Whether people remember or not there were so many rumors twelve years ago that she was in love with our Young Tiger NTR. There were reports that NTR has presented a costly car and dating with her.  Surprisingly NTR didn’t rule out the rumors when he was asked the same question few years later in Open Heart With RK. He just smiled at the question and said that “I was just 23 then.. and it happens.. these are all passing phases”.

Coming to the present, Sameera is said to be eyeing on side characters and she is using her old contacts to get offers. Tollywood film makers will surely give her offers because there is a good demand for senior herones who accept side characters. As she is a Telugu girl she won’t find it difficulty in getting offers.