Sanjana cheated by Agraja makers


Sanjjanaa-nude-agrajaActress Sanjana is upset. Her new movie Agraja, starring Jaggesh and Darshan released today. The jolly Sanjana was upset soon after watching the first show of the film. She tweeted soon after, “Shocked with the way I am projected in Agraja. Didn’t expect them to portray me with my name. I didn’t do 2 shots of the film it’s manipulated. dam(n).” She continued, “What I was told is not in the climax of my character. They hav(e) made some girl do a back shot n projected it as me. And shower shot is misused!”

The actress is upset about two shots in the movie involving her. One is where she is shown in a shower. She is angry that it is portrayed in a sleazy manner. The second is where she alleges that a body double has been used. The back shot of some other actress is shown as Sanjana.

It is not uncommon for top actresses to refuse excess skin show and when the script demands it, there have been many instances of body doubles being used for it. But is it really a case where Sanjana was kept in the dark about how her character will be shown is not known. More details are awaited.

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