Sanjay Dutt’s cameo in Sanju biopic


If you thought only Hollywood superhero films could have you glued to your seats until the end of the credits, waiting for a bonus scene, think again. You may want to hang around until the very end of Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju, which releases this Friday.

We hear that the man himself, Sanjay Dutt, makes an appearance in a post-credits sequence as a heart-warming gesture. According to sources, Hirani and the rest of the team were in two minds about Dutt’s inclusion in the biopic.

“It felt like an intrusion in the creative process. The minute you introduce the real character in a biopic, you provide visual proof of how far your creativity is from reality. But the makers realised that the audience would be expecting the real Sanjay Dutt to show up at least once. Besides, Ranbir was okay with it,” a source reveals.