Sardaar Gabbar Singh Gujarat Schedule Stopped


sardaar-gabbar-singh-gujarat-schedule-stoppedThere are too many obstacles coming on the way to ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh.’ This project appears to be the longest ever time taking in Pawan’s career from the time it is conceptualized and initiated. Here comes sensational news from media circles that Pawan is back in Hyderabad from Gujarat schedule. Reason is; when Pawan was away to Gujarat, few of the miscreants tried to barge into house.

When Pawan Kalyan is informed about this, he rushed back to Hyderabad to know what has actually happened. Though, there is no proper information on who tried to trespass into Pawan’s house but for sure, this has caused a concern. No one knows whether Pawan Kalyan will approach police department requesting for security or he will arrange extra personal security.

Meanwhile, director Bobby and team members are also planning to return back Hyderabad to arrange a new schedule in Hyderabad from November 1. Later on, ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ might shift back to Gujarat with a fresh schedule. Result is, there will be an effect on release date.