Sarkar Involved In Biggest controversy


Ever since Kollywood hero Vijay started showing his political ambitions in his movies, they are landing in some troubles. After his previous movie ‘Mersal’ which involved in a bunch of controversies, his recent outing ‘Sarkar’ is also facing the same fate.

The movie criticized the freebies given by the governments to the under-privileged people and has indirectly targetted the freebies provided by AIADMK government which stirred up a new controversy for ‘Sarkar’. Some started alleging that the movie indirectly showed Jayalalitha in bad light. On this note, Tamil Nadu State Information and Publicity Minister, Kadambur C Raju have warned ‘Sarkar’ team to remove these controversial scenes immediately from the movie else he will take serious actions. In fact, Director AR Murugadoss himself makes a cameo appearance in the movie and throws the freebies such as mixer grinders and wet grinders into the fire.

These scenes have now created a havoc in the state. “This is not good for an upcoming actor like Vijay. I know people won’t accept these scenes. It was brought to our knowledge and this was disappointing.” Said Kadambur C Raju

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