Satya 2 Telugu Movie Review


Sathya 2 Telugu Moive ReveiwTitle :Satya 2 (2013)
Star Cast : Sharwanand, Anaika Sotiand more…
Director : Ram Gopal Varma
Producer : M Samanth Kumar Reddy
Genre : Crime
Releasing on : November 08, 2013.


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Satya 2 Telugu Movie Review, Rating | Live,Tweet,Updates | Ram Gopal Varma

Tollywood most popular director Ramgopal Varma’s upcoming movie is Satya 2. The movie starrer Sharwanand, Anaika Soti, Aradhna Gupta and Mahesh Thakur in the lead roles. This is a crime action entertainer. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) passed Satya 2 with 3 cuts. Amar Mohile and Kary Arora are the music directors to this movie. M Samanth Kumar Reddy is producing the movie. The movie is going to hit the screens on Nov 8th.


By the year 2013, Mumbai underworld was erased by Mumbai Police. Satya (Sharwanand), a man without a past, comes to the city envisions the rebirth of his company.

If ‘Satya’ was a story of a man who came in 1998 and shaped the then existing underworld, ‘Satya 2′ is about another man who comes in 2013 to reinvent the underworld. To that extent I would say this is a futuristic film not in terms of science fiction but in terms of that there’s no precedent for the protagonist of ‘Satya 2′. He starts a new underworld company based on his study of the mistakes of all the earlier dons and also on the ways he develops to deal with the modern day policing methods” said Ram Gopal Varma.

About the director:

Ramgopal Varma is directing this film. He has a good image in the history of Indian cinemas, his movies looks very stylish and realistic they are close to attract all type of audience, This is a crime action entertainer and the movie revolves around the underworld mafia. Ramgopal Varma is called as an action director in T-Town.

About the first look and trailer:

By seeing the first look poster of this movie only the expectations become very high. Actually this is a sequel to his earlier blockbuster Satya. Going to the trailer details, the trailer looks soo energetic, after watching the trailer every one think that Ramgopal Varma is Back.

About the music director:

The soundtrack of the film consisted of nine tracks composed by Anand Raj Anand, Meet Brothers and Chirantan Bhatt, they have given a good album and this is already rocking in the market.

About the other cast crew of the movie:

There is a big cast in this movie they are Sharwanand(Telugu version), Anaika Soti as Chitra, Mahesh Thakur as Lahoti, Naara as Amitriyaan, Aradhna Gupta as Naanthanda, Raj Premi as RK, Amal Sehrawat as TK, Kaushal Kapoor as Purshottam and Vikram Singh as Anna.

Highlights of this movie:

– The powerful dialogues of Ramgopal Varma in the movie will be highlight.

– The scenes between the hero and the heroine will be highlight.

– Ramgopal Varma’s stylish Direction.

– Music will be the highlight

– Climax scenes

– Action sequences.

Finally the movie will be a big feast to everyone.