Satyameva Jayate show: Aamir khan files Defamation Suit


aamir-khan-satyamev-jayateSince couple of weeks, it is highly publicized on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and other social network places that Aamir Khan is using the charity money he makes through ‘Satyameva Jayate’ show for “welfare of Muslim youths” but not for people from other communities. Citing this is baseless claim to defame him, Aamir now lodged a defamation suit with Mumbai police to find out perpetrators.

Aamir’s Satyameva Jayate TV show’s second season deals with sensitive issues like rape, police force and society. At the end of this show, Aamir asks people to donate to Humanity Trust, which according to social network users is a trust that deals with construction of masjids and placement assistance for Muslim youths. However, Aamir clarified that he is associated with Humanity Trust, West Bengal, a charitable hospital run by Ajoy Mistri, and his mother Subashini but not any other trusts. The superstar added that this trust he associated deals with healthcare and provides medical support for the poor.

“The Humanity Trust I’m talking about is nothing to do with the Humanity Trust that is being referred in those malicious messages circulated on social network. I urge people to understand the fact that all donations sought on my TV show are used for truly deserving and secular causes,” said Aamir Khan. Currently, Mumbai police are investigating the online derogatory messages to find out who first started sharing that.