S/o Satyamurthy Punch On Jai Lava Kusa Collections


NTR-StrengthSometimes popular dialogues are used to troll celebrities. A similar thing is happening in the case of “Jai Lava Kusa” team. Though the film got above-average reviews from all quarters, it’s the extensive promotions taken up by the JLK team that are sounding little abnormal.

Other day, JLK team is busy spreading everywhere that the film has created a new non-Baahubali record. Of course, the film has created a non-Baahubali record for sure, when it comes to the total gross collected from the two Telugu states alone. No doubt, but here is where film lovers got upset because in Tollywood records about collections are never spoke in ‘gross’ terms, but only in ‘share’ terms.

Like there is the dialogue in S/o Satyamurthy, “Mana daggara dabbulu vunnappudu lekkalu matladi, lenappudu viluvalu matladakoodadhu sir”, some trollers are commenting similarly on this film of Jr NTR too.

“Manaki share ekkuva vachinappudu share-records gurinchi cheppi, takkuva vachinappudu gross-collections gurinchi cheppakoodadhu sir”.

Actually, there is no obligation that #JLK should become the best non-Baahubali film, but the only target of trade circuits is to make the movie cross 85+ crores ‘share’ such that all the distributors involved will be safe. These Baahubalian claims will make real sense only when the film gives a boost with profits in its final run.