Savitri And Kantha Rao – The Real Casting


Savitri-And-Kantha-RaoThe impact of Rudramadevi is so high on senior citizens who witnessed the best of that golden era. Because almost all the history related subjects are made into celluloid marvels in those era, except the story of this Kakatiya Queen.

Probably after witnessing terrific actors like NTR, ANR, S.V. Ranga Rao, Savitri and Vanisri on that B&W screen, these senior citizens may not be liking present generation of actors. With no offense meant to the current star cast of Rudrama Devi, these veteran cinema lovers are imagining about the possible old generation cast who could do justice to the roles of Rudrama and Gona Ganna Reddy.

Who could be the best bet then ‘Maha Nati’ Savitri to play the iconic warrior Queen’s role? No one can imagine anyone else then her role on Telugu screen. If Savitri plays the lead role who would have agreed to play Ganna Reddy’s role? NTR would be too busy to take up that such cameos, while ANR will not suit for such sword flinging roles. Probably Kantha Rao, who is known for his Katti Yuddalu fits the bill perfectly.

That’s an imaginary star cast as dreamt by veterans.