Savitri & Sridevi: Strange Co-incidences


Mahanati Savitri and great actress Sridevi were appraised prides of Telugu people. Looking into the personal and professional lives of both the heroines some strange and shocking co-incidences have been observed. Checkout the following.

* Both of them were acclaimed as great performers and they would express all elements of acting through their eyes.

* Savitri acted a total of 264 films while Sridevi acted 261 films including her yet to be released film Zero. A shocking co-incidence indeed. And both of them acted in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi.

* Their screen names start with letter ‘S’ and are three lettered words in Telugu.

* Savitri stood as numero uno heroine for entire South India for two decades during 1950s and 60s while Sridevi stood as an all India number one heroine for two decades during 1980s and 90s.

* Savitri’s husband Gemini Ganesan and Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor hailed from reputed families of cine industry. However, Savitri was the third wife to Gemini Ganesan while Sridevi was second wife to Boney.

* According to the reports till date, ‘Alcohol’ turned one of the reasons for the demise of legendary actresses. While the same factor led prolonged sickness to Savitri, forensic reports said traces of alcohol in Sridevi’s body though she hadn’t got addicted to liquor before.

* Both the heroines are short lived. Savitri was dead at the age of 47 while Sridevi was 54 at her demise.