Savyasachi Trailer Talk: Interesting And Exhilarating


In Mahabharata, Arjuna – The Mighty Warrior got the name of Savyasachi as he was an ambidext who could fight with both his hands with equal might. This is a very rare quality.

But taking it few steps more ahead, Chandoo Mondeti brought in the concept of Alien Hand Syndrome and Vanishing Twin Syndrome into this.

So, the hero is actual twins who are in same body. His left side is his brother who vanished into him before birth. Looks like Fantasy element that we can’t believe but it does exist.

Madhavan and Naga Chaitanya looked like they are made to pit against each other in this trailer. The way director handled the emotions of both the characters, we can say that he is cooking a good masala dish with an unique concept.

Music from MM Keeravani also helped the trailer and we can say that the trailer promises a good fun, interesting and exhilarating movie from Mythri Movie Makers.

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