‘Seat Belt’ Saved Ami Tumi Director


Indraganti-Mohan-Krishna-AcThe importance of ‘seat belt’ is explained many times by specialists, car experts and also transport department officials, but still, many don’t pay attention to it.
The deaths of politicians like Bhuma Shobha Nagireddy and Minister Narayan’s son Nitish have given a clear message that wearing seat belts would save lives. There is this unknown story about a Telugu director as well whose latest film “Ami Tumi” is running in theatres now.

During the post-production times of “Gentleman” movie, director Indraganti Mohan Krishna was said to be working for very late hours. On one such day, when he’s feeling little sleepy, Indraganti tumbled at the wheel and hit a Metro pillar. The moment he struck it, his car got crashed to the pulp but he left the scene with some small scratches. This was because he’s wearing a seatbelt and the airbags also helped him.

Later Indraganti decided never to drive a car while feeling sleepy and also brought a new luxurious BMW sedan that has world’s best safety features. Still, one needs to wear a seatbelt no matter how sophisticated one’s car is. Luck will not help all the times.