Secret behind Chiranjeevi’s Youthful Look revealed


Ram-Charan-about-ChiranjeevIn a recent interview, Ram Charan spoke at length about various other aspects apart from sharing the untold facts about his upcoming release ‘Bruce Lee’. Have a look at some of the interesting Q&As…

Which film did elevate you as an Actor the best till date?: “Its Govindudu Andarivaadele. Why because, I did the film completely believing in the character”.

Star Kids & Actors without any Film Background: “Both have advantages & disadvantages. If there is background, It helps initially but after a point one has to built their own image. Its a burden to meet the expectations set by Chiranjeevi & Pawan Kalyan. If we workhard, The same image will help us in the later stage”.

Future Projects: “Surendar Reddy directs Thani Oruvan Telugu remake. I will focus on Dad’s 150 film pre-production for the next two months. My film will go on floors in January 2016”.

150th Film Preparation: “Dad is working very hard at this age for his landmark film after achieving so much. He wakes up at 6:30 am and do workouts in gym till 8 am. I don’t think I can match up to that kind of dedication..It’s amazing. After coming to know that Dad is already workouts soon after wake up, We then start running to the gym. Its inspiring to see a man like that!”.