Secret Behind Rangasthalam Teaser


RangasthalamNot many know that the teaser of Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam has been changed in the last minute. Originally, Sukumar said to have prepared a comprehensive teaser.

But for the reasons best known to its makers, the film’s teaser has been changed in the eleventh hour. So, the teaser that we saw is not the initially intended to release. The original teaser was replaced by another simple teaser that was already cut and put aside. In the last hours, the makers decided to release this one instead of the original one.

And the released teaser just introduces Ram Charan as Chitti Babu, a ‘sound engineer’ in the village of Rangasthalam. And none of the other principal characters from the film have been revealed. It more looks like a character-introducing teaser than the wholesome teaser of a film.

Yet, the released teaser got good reception. And Devi Sri’s music sounded very different, fresh. Charan too seen in a completely mass avatar.