Secret preparations start for Chiranjeevi’s 150th film?


Chiru-150th-filmThe biggest mystery and suspense that many mega fans are having right now is, whether their favorite megastar Chiranjeevi will come back and act or not. If he does then the 150th film milestone will be achieved. But till now, after entering politics and becoming union minister, Chiranjeevi reportedly brushed the thought aside.

While that statement still continues, here is another talk. It is heard that secret preparations are already happening for the 150th film of Chiranjeevi and chances of getting it onto floors look very high. At a time when the elections are approaching and the Congress party is resting a lot on Chiru’s glamour this looks unlikely.

But mega fans are not really concerned about the timing. They are just praying that Chiranjeevi returns to acting that’s all. To look at things practically, the name and fame that Chiranjeevi earned through films is hundred times more than what he has lost in politics. But only megastar can decide what he wants so let us hope he takes the right decision.