Seems Like ‘Kanche’ Girl’s Career Ended!


We don’t really endorse the idea of one actress or actor career ending but we do have to share the facts we observe.

Till last year’s, Achari America Yatra, Pragya Jaiswal, Kanche beauty has been one of the hottest girls on the radar with multiple films.

She did Nakshatram, Achari America Yatra, Gunturodu which seems to have brought her career to a halt, if not an end.

She isn’t being discussed among the TFI groups to be part of any big films and even the character she was offered in Sye Raa, seems to be very low profile. We don’t know if she is doing it or not as well.

Suddenly, one of the famous young actresses going away from the radar, indicates that the producers don’t trust to take her in films anymore in general. Did the same happen to this lady lace too?

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