Seetharama Sastry’s Reaction watching Varun Tej in Kanche


Sirivennela-Seetharama-SastAfter getting to see three few scenes of Varun Tej in the movie, Legendary Lyricist Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry commented: “Has Nagababu given birth to him just for the sake of ‘Kanche'”.

‘Kanche’ is the love story of an Army Man. Varun Tej will be seen as a Student in 1936 and Captain fighting in Second World War in 1944.

Varun Tej has undergone 7 days boot camp training under the supervision of Army Personnel for having a body language alike a military man and learn how to hold fire arms.

Run Time of ‘Kanche’ is just 2 hours 5 minutes. This became a reality because Krish began shooting after 6 months of pre-production with a bound script in hand.

In ‘Kanche’, There will be several small war-sequences and a 12-minute length battle field episode.