Senior actor fired on SS Rajamouli


Senior-actor-fired-on-S-S-RWe all know that Tollywood most talented director SS Rajamouli is basically a calm and cool going person and never loses temperament at any circumstances on any of his co-stars. But, one of the tollywood senior actor Ranganath revealed his past sad incident with the director.

In the recent interview to a TV news channel, Ranganath said that, “While we were shooting for ‘Santhi Nivasam’ serial, Rajamouli asked me to open eyes for a sequence for which I had closed actually. I said if I open my eyes it would become comedy. ‘That is what I want,’ he told me. This small conversation became a big argument between me and Rajamouli.

Rajamouli turned serious and said, ‘Let’s go for next shot’. but, I lost my cool and shouted, ‘pack up’ and went away from the sets.

But after couple of days when they both met again, Rajamouli told to Ranganath as, ‘Sir, I got recognition only because of you. I may not come for the serial shoot from tomorrow as I got a cinema offer.’ Ranganath’s reply was, ‘You have a bright future ahead. I am glad to act in your direction for the serial satisfied actor in me. You will definitely become a star director,’ he told.

Finally the blessings of Ranganath comes true and SS.Rajamouli turns the top most director in our tollywood at present.