Senior Actress Gautami Apologizes to Baahubali Team


Gautami-Apologizes-to-Baahubali-teamSenior actress Gautami has apologized to the team of ‘Baahubali’ for not watching the second part yet.

When asked her view on some Bollywood bigwigs making tall statements like ‘I haven’t watched Baahubali 2 yet’, ‘There is no story in the film’ etc. Gautami confessed that she also hasn’t watched ‘Baahubali 2′ yet. And, she apologized the entire team for doing so.

“I have seen the first part but I couldn’t watch Baahubali 2 as i was travelling at that time. I was very curious to see the film but then my daughter’s exams started and they continued for one month. I don’t have the habit of going to cinema without my daughter,’ she confessed.

‘Baahubali 2 is a landmark achievement from creative and technical perspectives. The best achievement of the film is, it has proved how big the market of an Indian film is. A well made film, if mounted on a huge canvas, it can break language barriers and the age-old market restrictions. Baahubali 2 proved this precise point in amazing manner,’ she lauded.