Senior Actress Talks About Nana’s Dark Secrets


Senior-Actress-Talks-About-Nana-s-Dark-SecretsNana Patekar is a world renowned actor and his work for Maratha farmers also came into reckoning lately. Actress Thanusree Dutta decided to come out against him and talk about him being a sexual abuser of women at the sets of the movies.

She said that he abused her and tried to take advantage of her during a song. She quit the movie and decided to not talk about it until recently.

Now, an old video where Dimple Kapadia talked about Nana has come out. In that she said, “I know Nana personally and he is a great actor without a doubt.

With such an actor on sets you have to be on your toes all the time. And he has very good to me too.

But he has a great dark secret personality that many tend to ignore due to his talent. It is common for every person and we have to be able to see that such aspects of personality are nursed out to bring only the good in them.”

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