Senior Hero’s Behaviour in Discussion


Senior-HeroHe is one of the senior heroes in Telugu film industry. Yet it didn’t deter him from showcasing his tantrums, starry attitude. This is said to be hurting his producers. According to industry grapevine, the senior hero is not cooperating to his producers due to their apparent differences. The hero’s differences with his producers is affecting his films and causing delay of his films. Although this is not something new for this hero, but given that he is in crucial phase of his career, it’s important for him to change.

The hero has fight with producers of last two films and even entered into similar tiff with his latest producer. Many of his producers are grumbling about his attitude and non-cooperation. They complaining to themselves that how this star is reluctant to promote his films as he hardly gives interviews.

At a time two big blockbusters like Baahubali, Srimanthudu proved Telugu film industry’s stamina with whopping collections, they also proved how important it is to promote a film. Both Baahubali, Srimanthudu emerged as winners with unique promotional strategy and Mahesh gave interviews, took part of special promotional events like never-before helping the film in big way. Now will this senior hero who’s having a release of his film change?