Sensible Romance Or Sexy Romance?


Sensible-Romance-Or-Sexy-RoDirector Krishna Vamsi is on a mission to make his film a hit by a hook or crook.  To achieve his goal, he has roped in three beauties.  We have already seen Regina doing hungama by feasting her glamour in a song. Vamsi sir has not satisfied with the skin show of Cassandra. He has targeted Pragya Jaiswal.. and made Kanche beauty into a bikini beauty.  To add some mirchi powder to the masala, he brought Shriya for an item number.

The reason behind this glamourous introduction is.. Krishnva Vamsi usually gives a romantic touch to at least a single song.  Even though there will be exposing, it will not cross the decency limits and mesmerizes the audience.  Similarly, there will be strong romance between the lead pair and it grabs the attention of the audience.  But the romance in ‘Nakshatram’ songs appears to be forced.. and it is nothing but directly wooing the audience.

When the music lovers tried to listen ‘Nakshatram’ jukebox..  out of curiosity, they got a shock.  Sai Dharam Tej kept his hands on the back of Pragya.. we can leave the rest to the imagination of the audience.   Discussions have already started in the social media that why Krishna Vamsi sir is crossing the decency limits. Whatever be the case, kindly don’t criticize our creative director..  his fans will fire on the netizens tha it is also a kind of a romantic creativity.. but his creativity is going back-wards !