All Set To Break Nizam Records


All-Set-To-Break-Nizam-RecoTS govt. is all set to roll out the landmark decision of allowing exhibitors across the state to screens 5 shows in theatres.

Actually, the state govt. was planning to bring this facility into action last year itself. However, the plan didn’t materialize due to some reasons. Cinematography Minister Talasani Sreenivasa Yadav has now confirmed that the state govt. has cleared all the hurdles for the implementation of this scheme and that very soon all the theaters in  the state will be screening 5 shows per day.

This proposal has been green lit mainly to help the small filmmakers who have been complaining of lack of sufficient theatres for their films. As per the new development, 1 show out of the five in week days must be reserved for small films.

Given that the lifetime of films has reduced to just 2-3 weeks, big budget films can benefit from this new development. They can take advantage of the 5 shows at least in the weekend and recover their investment as quickly as possible. This will also help the biggies to create new BO records in Nizam, which has been the biggest and the highest revenue generating territory for Telugu films for so long. A slew of biggies are lined up for release for Summer and if this 5-shows plan comes into effect by then, records’ book will be rewritten for sure.

With the addition of 1 more show, more movie lovers will get the opportunity to watch the biggies in the first weekend itself.