Settled With NTR But Not ANR


NTR-ANRDasari Narayana Rao achieved a unique position in the Telugu film industry, which any other director could not achieve.  He has given hits to legends like NTR.. ANR.  He was very close to both of them. But he had differences with both the legends later. He got patched up with NTR and continued the friendship as usual..but the distance between him and ANR continued.

Why he had differences with NTR.. ANR ? How did he solve the differences with NTR ? Why didn’t he patch up with ANR ? Dasari’s favourite disciple Mohan Babu revealed about these things in a recent interview.  He said that “There was no communication between Anna garu(NTR)… and Guruvu garu(Dasari) for several months.   In fact, Annagaru had so much love..respect..affection towards Dasari garu.  He used to tell me on several occasions that ‘Your guru is a genius’.  But he got angry on Dasari garu when he was making ‘Brahmarshi Vishwamitra’..  because Dasari garu made ‘Vishwamitra’ serial at the same time.  They maintained distance from then onwards”.

“When I was sitting with Annagaru some time later, I told him about Dasari garu.  He told me that ‘Give him a call’ in his typical voice. I made a call to Dasari garu and gave it to Annagaru.  I came out of the room immediatelly.  I don’t know what happened between them..  Dasari garu came to our place in the next 20 minutes.  They forgot what happened between them and spent two hours talking on various things.

Similarly Dasari garu used to have very good relation with ANR garu.  They have made wonderful movies together.  But there was some differences between them and they distanced themselves with each other.  I tried to unite them in a similar way I did with Annagaru.. but it didn’t happen. I know who is the reason for their differences.  As they are not in this world now.. I can not disclose their names.  But it is a fact that the differences arised because of a financial transaction involving a small amount”.