Sex With Dead Heroine


Pooja-RamachandranTelugu audiences have come out of their comfort zone and started watching all kind of films which is an interesting aspect. The Telugu audiences proved a fact that they are open to any kind of film. Pooja Ramachandran is one talented actor who was seen in the film Swamy Rara. She failed to impress as a heroine but impressed in side roles. She is now gearing up for her next film release titled as DSP. The film is tipped to be a horror film. Sri Kishore is the director of the film. The film’s concept revolves around the sex between a dead heroine and three other guys.

“I decided not to do films if the subject or the role I am playing is not different and new. I am doing this film as I found it to be interesting as well as impressive. I never did glamour roles but I slowly got habituated to them especially for the film.” said the actress while revealing about the film.