Sexy Sophie Choudry In A Slit Dress!


Sophie Choudry might be inching close to 40-mark but she never looked like someone in that age group. Maintaining perfect shape for long is the reason why she is still in the limelight though many of her contemporaries got fade out.

Look at the photograph shown above…She is still capable of raising the temperatures with her sexy curves and oomph factor. This Age-Defying Beauty kept on turning up the heat no matter how she might appear. Not many Actresses will be able to carry the slit dress so effortlessly at that age..what do you say?

Post ‘London Babu’ in ‘1 – Nenokkadine’, Sophie Choudry hasn’t featured in any of the films but she continued to draw the attention all the time. She have the knack of making people take her very seriously and that’s working for her.

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