Sexy Way To ‘Say No To Drugs’


Sexy-Way-To-Say-No-To-DrugsEntire focus of the media is on drugs now.  Whenever there is a press meet, media is asking the stars about their opinion on drugs.  Star heroes, producers, senior actors are expressing their views on the drugs issue now.  Some celebrities are giving interviews to express their opinion about drugs.  Some of them are using social media to convey their message on drugs.

Anita debuted to Tollywood with ‘Nuvvu Nenu’.  She went on to do several films later.. but she became a busy actress in Hindi serials now. She is very active in social media.. and she comes up interesting updates regularly. She has responded on the hot topic of ‘drugs’ now.  She has posted pic where is seen lying on the floor in ecstatic state.  Drugs packet.. a lighter.. a spoon are also visible in the photographs.  By posting this pic she wrote on her Instagram page that ‘Say NO to drugs!!!  One will wonder, a person can say no to drugs beautifully like this.

On the other hand elders from Telugu Film Industry are coming together bring awareness among the paople against drugs.  Some heroes and producers are extending their support to police department on this issue.