Shah Rukh Khan Thanked Baahubali


Shah-Rukh-Thanked-BaahubaliIt is no exaggeration in saying that there is not a single movie lover who is not amazed by the visual wonder of India’s biggest motion picture, Baahubali. And the latest star to be mesmerized by Baahubali is none other than the India’s biggest star, Shah Rukh Khan.

After nearly three weeks of Baahubali’s release, Shah Rukh finally managed to watch the film soon after he completed the latest schedule of Dilwale in Bulgaria. Soon after landing in Mumbai, SRK took his kids and family to watch Baahubali and was thrilled to bits.

Venting out his amazement, the King Khan tweeted “Baahubali what a hard worked at film. 2 every1 involved thanx for the inspiration. U can only reach the sky if u r willing to take the leap!” This is indeed a proud moment for Telugu film industry to hear such words of appreciation from the country’s biggest star.