Shahrukh Khan’s Maths in BA Marks List goes viral


Shahrukh Khan isn’t only admired for his acting prowess but his command on English. He even won the hearts of audiences with his witty remarks at the Ted Talks event in Vancouver recently.

To everyone’s shock, Bollywood Baadshah’s English score is much lower than other subjects during his college days. In the admission form of Shahrukh Khan shared by Delhi University on Facebook, SRK just scored 51 out of 100 marks in English.

Netizens began trolling Shahrukh Khan saying it’s so difficult to get admission to colleges with such low marks. Some people even dared to say their English speaking ability is much better than King Khan if their scores are compared. Few others told they weren’t able to get admission despite scoring more marks than SRK.

Fans defended Shahrukh Khan saying 74.25% of marks in 1983-84 can’t be seen as a low score at all.Shahrukh-Khan-s-Marks-List-goes-viral