Shakila opens up about her 20 boyfriends!


Shakila-opens-up-about-her-Adult Actress Shakila has created a sensation over a decade with her films. She even toppled the big stars of Malayalam Cinema at one stage and once, that craze for the adult films had died down, her life too changed drastically. Even though she wanted to move on in her life, she could not find a source or a person to cling on as a support system.

In few interviews she gave she already revealed about her family members and why she chose such a career. In Ali tho Joli ga, she revealed about her love life too. She said she found love not once but many times as she used to fall in love quickly if she likes a person. Like that she had 20 love stories and none of them have an happy ending she said.

Due to various reasons like one person used to beat her, one person abused her and one person tried to control her, she said that she had to move away from them. She fell in love in with one person very early and that one was rejected by her mother, so she chose to end the love story there. Afterwards, when she matured she adjusted with one alcoholic who used to beat her one day he hit her too much and she reciprocated with a hanger.

As the hanger had some sharp nails, that man’s skin got torn apart and she had to rush him to hospital. She said, in all of them only one man stayed with her for more than seven years and they wanted to marry as well. But as the family forced him, he left her she shared. Shakila, also revealed that many sexually and physically abused her from young age and got emotional!