Shalini Pandey on about Casting Couch


Dimpled beauty Shalini Pandey came to the limelight with the super success of ‘Arjun Reddy’. She said that she accepted the film despite countless liplocks in the film she will never hesitate to do liplock scenes in the future. She said that it should not be for vulgarity but the script should demand such scenes. She said she will not accept it if it is for only vulgarity. She said that she dreamt of acting in films since her childhood and she entered the film industry though her parents were strictly against her wishes.

“My parents wanted me to do a job and it was their wish.. but I’m mad about cinema. I was always first to participate cultural programmes in the college. I made several trials to enter film industry and I got selected in ‘Arjun Reddy’ finally. There is a rumour that my boyfriend distanced me because of my intimate scenes in ‘Arjun Reddy’. But I never fell in love till now.. then where is the question of the breakup? I have to invest all my time.. patience for convincing my parents.”

Shalini has also spoken on the casting couch issue in Tollywood. She said that “My friends are working in IT sector.. some of them are doctors. They have come across bitter experiences in their careers as well. Nobody talks about them. As cinema is a glamour world everybody talks about it. I came into the film industry directly. I have not the bad here that everybody is saying about the film industry. I have come across several good experiences.”