Shankar Not In Awe Of Baahubali?


Shankar-Not-In-Awe-Of-BaahubaliDirector Shankar doesn’t like to be compared with any other director from around the world. Even if they compare him with James Cameron, Hollywood big budget filmmaker, he just laughs it off.

The director gave an interview to an English critic for a Television channel and in that he spoke about market expansion and big budget but never mentioned Baahubali.

Even when the interviewer tried to make him mention the name of the movie, he did not heed. He made a casual joke about his films taking long and going over budget.

He expressed his desire see his 2.0 going beyond the limits of Indian Cinema and become huge hit wherever it releases.

Well, it would have been gracious of him to mention Baahubali as it is the film that showed him that Indian market can yield 600 to 700 crores if the movie becomes a Blockbuster everywhere.

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