Sharwanand fires on censor board


yemito-ee-maya-movie-HQ-wallpapersMany Producers and actors criticized Tollywood Censor borad days and gave very bad opinions in recent times in judging movies and movie ratings.Now its turns worse and make silly decisions over Movies.Censor Board Issues are increasing in tollywood recent times.

Sharwanand the tollywood experimental hero is working on some good films in south India and also trying to make a special brand for his name. He is now working on his project “Yemito ee Maya” is heading for release soon in Kollywood and Tollywood at a time.

This film went to Tollywood censor board they are happy with movie but they decided this as a dubbing movie and film unit is shocked by this.It is heard that Sharwanand is not happy with censor board and he also said that can’t they see at least the lip moments that match to dialogues. Movie will have to face a huge loss if they consider this as a dubbing film.