Sharwanand Will Wait!


Sharwanand-RuthuragaluStrong hold on technicalities is the primary requirement for current generation directors to create their own mark. Rather story, screenplay and direction have become creative aspects, on the other side of coin it’s the core criterion of finishing a product in given budget serving the interests of producers is the area where young directors are scoring more.

Sudheer Varma learnt to have made a rich looking product like Keshava in mere 6.5 Crores helped producer Abhishek Nama to come out of his last blues. Though the young director is receiving many calls from others producers, latest we heard is a story for Sharwanand is in the final scripting stages and shooting is likely to begin within this year.

Apparently, Sharwa is very busy with Mahanubhavudu in Maruthi direction asked Sudheer Varma to conclude the script before planning the schedules. So, it might take few more weeks to couple of months to bound whole script. Till then Sharwanand will wait because he liked the basic action-thriller idea narrated. A bit of fun based entertaining treatment  is what Varma’s team is engaged on.