She is Indraganti’s Samantha


Indraganti-EshaSome directors find it comfortable to work with a particular heroine. They may like the acting..they may find it easy to communicate with them.. so they give continuous offers to the heroine in their films. Talented director Indraganti Mohana Krishna has such a favourite heroine. She is Eesha.  Indraganti introduced this Telugu girl with the film ‘Antakumundu Aa Tarvata’.

Even though she got average marks in terms of glamour.. she scored good marks when it comes to acting in Antakumundu Aa Tarvata. Indraganti gave her another offer in Bandipotu.  The movie was not successful at the box office. So many people thought that she will disappear from the industry.  But Indragati has come to the resue of her again and giving her another chance.

After the success of Gentleman, Indraganti planned his next film with Akkineni Naga Chaitanya.  But the project did not materialize.  So he got ready to do a multi-starrer in the combination of Avasarala Srinivas – Adivi Sesh.  Indraganti has chosen Eesha as one of the heroine in this film.  It is known that star director Trivikram Srinivas is always ready to work with her favourite heroine Samantha. Surprisingly their combination work well at the box office also.

Similarly..  Eesha appears to be Indraganti’s Samantha. We have to wait and watch whether she will get a much needed break with this multi-starrer or not.