She Watched Baahubali 50 Times, Want More


Baahubali-on-MAA-TVUsually, school children are rigid for chocolates, toys and bother parents with different fancies. But, this girl is completely different from others of her age group. She is troubling her parents saying she will go to school if and only if Baahubali comes meeting her and kiss her.

This girl hailing from Vijayawada, studying 3rd class, has become an ardent fan of Baahubali and so the film’s hero Prabhas. She has already watched the film more than 50 times. She can effortlessly utter all the dialogues of Prabhas in the magnum opus.

Taking her fanism to next level, this young girl is asking her parents to bring Baahubali home, so that she will eat and go to school. She is requesting parents to take her to Prabhas at least. The parents are in dilemma what to do!

Baahubali is a milestone film in Tollywood history. The film is meant for all age groups. Kids liked the movie to core and they replaced Superman and Spiderman toys with Baahubali toys. Apparently, this girl from Vijayawada may not be pleased with a toy, as she is demanding to meet the real ‘Baahubali’.