Shiva Balaji breathes fire on Bigg Boss


Telugu Bigg Boss garnered the attention of people since the day news about NTR hosting the show was revealed. Even the promos set the expectations high but the Episodes haven’t giving enough kick to the viewers. Participants have been behaving either in a silly or dramatic manner. The energy levels of most of them have been dropping within the first few days itself.

Shiva-Balaji-breathes-fire-Just alike kids fight for chocolates, Participants have been fighting for the sake of Cigarettes. Bigg Boss issued a warning after five participants entered the smoking zone at once on Day 1. Supply of cigarettes has been stopped as smokers violated this rule repeatedly. Shiva Balaji breathed fire on Bigg Boss for such a stringent punishment. ‘We haven’t come her out of necessity all of us are Celebrities who knew how to conduct themselves. We have been following the instructions of Bigg Boss & accepting punishment but this is unacceptable. Never expected Bigg Boss to take such a stupid decision. I will settle the matter with NTR,’ he told.

Housemates Dhanraj, Sameer & Mumaith Khan came in support of Shiva Balaji in this matter. Though Bigg Boss has withdrawn the punishment, A new rule has been introduced – ‘When someone is in smoking zone, remaining 13 participants has to be in the bathroom’. Whereas, Participants appealed Bigg Boss to withdraw even this condition promising they wouldn’t break the rule anymore.

Viewers get the feeling that Bigg Boss Management & Participants might have pre-planned the whole issue to arouse curiosity upon receiving negative feedback. Can NTR who will be appearing on the reality show on Saturdays & Sundays offer the kick viewers badly need at this moment? Let’s see…!