Shivaji to join Pawan Kalyan’s party?


shivajiActor Sivaji who is most notable for his comedy timing and supporting roles in the Telugu Film Industry, now seems to have faded up as the young talent that have raised in this part of the country. Knowing this fact, this hard worker seems to have shifted his path.

In the recent past we have seen many a times that he has raised his voice against the odds in the real world too and out of no where this actor is feeling that he has some responsibilities. Earlier he fought against the government in the travel bus accident issue.

No offers coming his way, he has shifted his focus on some social activities. With the recent development on Pawan Kalyan’s party he seems to have compared his ideologies with Pawan Kalyan’s. Knowing that his ideologies are close enough to that of Pawan Kalyan he seems to join Pawan’s party on the same day itself when Pawan admits about his new party.

According to the source, there is a strong buzz inside the Tollywood that, this actor will join the Pawan’s party for sure if at all Pawan launches his party on 14th March. Meanwhile Pawan kalyan’s team has booked a comparatively big hall for the proposed press meet on this 14th of this March where Power Star will address media for exactly 45 mins. He is also going to launch his political book on that day itself.