Shocking Rumor On Prabhas’s Marriage


So many baseless rumors breaks out on social media every hour. When the local media belives something and publishes it then the national media also belives it to be true and release it. Such baseless rumors about Prabhas’s marriage are circulating in thr industry from the past few months. Rumors were rife that Baahubali couple Prabhas and Anushka are in a relationship but the duo denied the rumors.

Anushka was the first one to break the silence and clarify that there is no truth in those rumors. As Anushka has given her clarity, the national media picked up another celebrity’s name to create a rumor. As per the news the marriage of Prabhas with Mega daughter Niharika Konidela is fixed. Some tried to give clarity that there is no such thing between them. News came out that Chiru himself stated that Niharika is still concentrating on establishing her career and have no other things in her mind.

Meanwhile, the audience are getting confused about which news to believe in. Prabhas is undoubtedly the most eligible bachelor in Tollywood. So, instead of making Prabhas’s family disappointed, the actor needs to get married soon. If not Niharika then who else is the lucky girl to share her life with Prabhas? Let’s see..