Shoiab Akthar planned to kidnap Sonali Bendre


Shoiab-Akthar-planned-to-kiStar cricketers getting  bowled by the beautiful heroines of B-Town is nothing new. Not only Indian cricketers but also international cricketers are bowled by the beauties of B-Town.

Now in a shocker Pakistani speedster Shoiab Akthar, who during his hay days created havoc hurling thunder balls at the rival batsmen revealed that he was clean bowled by Bollywood’s sensuous seductress Sonali Bendre and even planned to kidnap her.

Speaking about his fantasy for Sonali, ‘I was bowled by her beauty ever since he saw her film English Babu Desi Mem. I filled my entire room with her posters. I even dreamt of kidnapping her if she refuses my love  proposal,’ said Shoaib.

Sonali however gave him a rude shock saying that she is not a cricket fan and is unaware of Shoiab Akthar. Later Sonali said during every Indo-Pak match, scribes question her about Shoiab Akthar and she is thankful that he is her fan.