What does Shraddha Kapoor secretly love doing?


Shraddha Kapoor is a talented artist but very few people know that the self made girl loves gardening. The actress has a certain fondness for gardening and has a personal garden in her house.

Shraddha-Kapoor-secretly-loShraddha specifically loves to grow roses, aloe vera, hibiscus, tulsi, money plant, poinsettia, bougainvillea, mogra and many other small home grown plants.

The young actor feels that plants not only lend beauty to her home but also keep it colourful. She feels very fresh and rejuvenated whenever she sees her plants and personally takes care of them and waters them every day.

Shraddha personally looks into tending to her plants with care and has also learnt how to add manure and re-pot them when they grow. She has become an expert now on how to take care of the plants.

Whenever Shraddha is travelling for work or any other commitments she has specially instructed her staff at home as to how to look after her plants. Shraddha loves her plants and is very prompt in tending to them.

Shraddha was seen last in Haider where she played a very pivotal role of a Kashmiri girl ‘Arshia’ and she will next be seen in the film ABCD 2.

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