Shruthi Hassan Finds Comfort in Lungi


Shruthi-Hassan-lungiSruthi HassanTollywood’s latest heart throb Shruthi haasan ,the lucky find of Tollywood, Kollywood and Bollywood industry is back on track with one more success. Shruthi haasan’s latest film Race Gurram is a huge success and she is very much excited with this and also about her dances in Race Gurram.

Speaking about dances “It’s never ever an easy task to dance with Bunny, who is born to dance and I find it very difficult to catch his speed in many takes. I almost felt tired after every dance shoot but bunny still shows same energy even at the end of every day.” Speaking about her Lungi wear in Cinema Chupistha Mama song ” It is really comfort wearing Lungi and if I was a boy then I would prefer to wear Lungi all the day,” said Shruthi laughing.

Try that Shruthi, as its scorching summer anyways… wearing lungi will not be a bad idea at all.

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