Shruthi says beauty lies in mind!


shruti-hassanMany girls do feel bad about their skin color and try different options to change their complexion. While several of them, look beautiful still they feel inferior to those with white skin and start buying many Fairness Creams. Even films sell, the idea of being white is equal to bring beautiful.

Many actresses like Vani sri, Rani Mukherjee, Kajol are black in complexion but they proved themselves with acting talent and survived in the glamour industry. Showing this as an example, Shruthi Hassan suggested that rather than running for Fairness Creams to become what you’re not, it is better accept your skin color and move forward with confidence.

She said she understands the pain that a girl goes through in a judgemental world and she wants them to look beyond them. She said beauty lies in mind and one should not discriminate another looking at their complexion. She said she will never promote Fairness Creams and Alcohol brands as both are harmful health. While one damages you physically other damages you mentally!