Shruthi’s Tight ‘Hug’ Caught on Cam


Shruti Hassan, who gave bold statements like, she needs a man only to have kids but has no need of a man otherwise and also that she is ready to have kids before marriage breaking the tradition as her father did, stayed behind in clarifying her relationship with the rumored boyfriend Michael Corsale.

Yet, she was caught on cameras several times, hanging out with her boy friend at various events with the recent one being Cannes. Even Kamal was captured conversing with the to be son-in-law hopefully, which confirmed the relationship between the duo and there were rumors that Kamal gave a green signal to her daughter’s relationship.

The star kid plus actress has been seen hanging out with her man of love in Mumbai where she has been clicked a picture hugging Michael in a car. So how would she explain this tight hug filled with affection as it looks? Would she still maintain the silence on this issue? Let us see.Shruthi-Haasan-Tight-Hug