Why is Shruti Haasan looking so mighty displeased?


Shruti Haasan, who was spotted in Mumbai recently, looked rather nervous and off. The actress was spotted leaving from Bandra and looked like fans recognised her instantly. In the pictures, the actress is seen being protected by her staff from getting mobbed by fans and she looks a little disturbed with it. She even looks angry in one of the pictures. We’re not sure what happened there. Was she upset or was she scared? Or neither? We’ll leave it to you to speculate what was wrong with the actress. Shruti has been in the news recently after we broke the news about her alleged boyfriend Michael Corsale. Though the actress confessed that she doesn’t really like speaking about her personal life, buzz is that dad Kamal Haasan, too, met Michael.

Check out these pictures of Shruti leaving the restaurant in a normal mood to how her mood changes. Shruti got out of a bistro in Bandra, Mumbai and seemed in a very bad mood. We wonder why the actress was in such a blah mood. She didn’t even greet fans or pose for the paparazzi. She just rushed into her car ignoring all her fans and the media present there. Seems quite strange, doesn’t it? Shruti3Shruti2