Shruti Showing Stars to Producers?


Shruti-HaasanAccording to grapevine, sultry siren Shruti Haasan is buzzed to be “Tantrum Queen” as she is showing stars to producers and unit people. Apparently while shooting for her recent Telugu film which she shot with ace star, she troubled the production people a lot.

“Whenever director planned combined scenes with her and hero on a particular day, she used to arrive into city on the same day flight giving production people jitters. Production people had to face a lot of difficulty in getting her onto location on time. Unit people used to fear a lot as if anything gets delay, they might have to face the anger of director, hero as the total plan would go awry,” said a source in the know on condition of anonymity.

Source added that it’s not so easy to work with Shruti divulging that she even spent only single day for the movie promotion. Many opine that it’s not fair for daughter of a committed actor like Kamal Haasan to resort to such starry tantrums.